Excelent Service Award Ceremony NADA 2019

Selangor, June 22nd – Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (APC) has successfully taken place in The National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA)’s headquarters. This year, approximately 458 staffs have received APC for their outstanding achievement. This event is conducted with a new norm in which it is organized by 21 staffs only for NADA’s headquarters and the rest are taking their awards in respective states.

APC is established with a purpose of becoming a motivation for the staffs to continue being consistent in completing the given task in NADA. The General Director of NADA, YDH CP Dato’ Sri Zulkifli Abdullah, touches the issue of COVID-19 in his speech during the opening ceremony. The Movement Control Order (MCO) which is launched on March 2020 has become a great challenge for the staffs in completing their tasks.

Nevertheless, the staffs have proven their abilities in overcoming this huge obstacle through the usage of work-from-home system and applying a hint of creativity in the usage of technology and social media. The creativity that has resulted is also one of the good sub-culture boosters in NADA as well as functioning as a base for an excellent working culture. This is because, an exceptional department is related to positive traits which are also parallel with good work quality. Apart from that, YDH CP Dato’ Sri Zulkifli Abdullah encourages all NADA’s community to unite in maintaining an outstanding working momentum to ensure the agency’s main mission to fight drugs will continue to thrive.

This event is also enlivened with Nota Serahan Tugas for three division’s directors which have exchanged their portfolios as well as the intention to enhance the experience and knowledge in becoming a dedicated leader. It is also conducted with an objective to bring forth leaders who possess wide and unlimited knowledge.

The closing ceremony has successfully been conducted with the cooperation of all parties and it is a huge hope for this APC program to continue being held in order to instill the spirit and motivation among the staffs in contributing an impressive working performance in the future.